Precision With Purpose Leading Manufacturers

HESTEGO is a modern European engineering company specialising in sheet metal processing. It is divided into three manufacturing divisions producing telescopic covers, machine covers and customised fabrications. www.hestego.com

KSK, founded in 1967, are a leading European industrial ballscrew manufacturer producing machine tool grade ballscrews up to 200mm in diameter and over 15m in length. www.ksk-pm.com 

Setco, founded in 1912, is recognized as the technical leader in the design, manufacture, and service of precision spindles, milling heads, slides, and spindle/slide combinations. Setco is a major spindle manufacturer with over 275,000 spindles in the field, both new and rebuilt, that include belt-driven, geared, motorized, high speed and high frequency models. www.setco.com 

UMBRA GROUP is a cutting-edge international manufacturing company in the aeronautics and industrial sectors founded in 1972 with global manufacturing locations producing ballscrews, spindles, bearings and actuation systems. www.umbragroup.com 

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